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AWS ECS Docker Container Boto3 IAM Permissions

I am attempting to run a boto3 python script inside a docker container using AWS ECS. My script need access to SQS ( get & delete messages ) and Lambda ( permission to search and run ). In order to get the docker container running on my local machine I was able to pass my […]

ecs-cli up command – attaching own instance profile

How can I attach my own instance profile to command ecs-cli up? By default there is created an instance profile with default policy AmazonEC2ContainerServiceforEC2Role How can I pass my own policy to this instance during ecs cluster creation phase so it won’t use default one?

Error unmounting Docker – invalid argument

Currently using AWS EC2 with Docker 1.10.3 installed. After running up a container with Nginx inside, if I reboot my machine it fails to bring back up the container with the error: msg=”devmapper: Error unmounting device a066c3d476c9201aa8cfeefced4d7d7c4c05096165aec35a06d3585abd1d3a09: invalid argument” I can get it to work if I delete the contents of /var/lib/docker/*, however, is there […]

Multilayer Docker Deployment on AWS

I have 2 different kinds of applications and I’m wondering how they could be deployed an AWS ensuring a minimum of administrative cost and fail safe behaviour. A) Simple Web App as a Docker Image: I have a WAR packed into a Wildfly Docker Image. This web app should be available over multiple availibility zones […]

AWS UDP High Availability

Does anyone have recommendations for deploying a UDP service in AWS? We are using Graylog2 and send most logs via TCP. However, the docker GELF output only supports UDP. We’ve found UDP isn’t supported by ELB. We’ve thought about using Route53 but it doesn’t look like a good fit because the health-checking options require a […]

AWS EBS volume attachement using snapshot

I am trying with AWS EBS volume. I created an EC2 Server using the AMI rancheros-v0.7.1-hvm-1. Then I attached volume and mounted to /var/lib/docker folder. Then I run few docker images on that server and I am able to access those applications also. Later I created a snapshot of the volume. and launched another server […]

Crontab doesn't have credentials

I have a script that I can run interactively from root which requires AWS credentials. However, when I run this script via crontab, I get a No handler was ready to authenticate. 1 handlers were checked. [‘HmacAuthV1Handler’] Check your credentials/root error. This error relates to aws credentials. I have other scripts running succesfully with crontab. […]

Docker network with AWS VPC

We have separate applications which working on multicasting among some random ports and we can’t use docker default bridge network. Even we can’t use host network for auto scaling. So we have to use overlay network or something like that. When we tested in our on datacenter with bare metal servers, we used macvlan and […]

Mount a directory on a host EC2 instance from within a running docker container using beanstalk

I’ve been stuck on this for far too long… I am using elastic-beanstalk to run a docker container which I upload as a Dockerfile. There is a formatted mounted AWS volume on the host EC2 instance. I want to mount this volume in the docker container running on this EC2 host. I can achieve what […]

docker build taking too much time in aws ecs

I have setup master and slave configuration of jenkins on aws ecs. Written a job that will build docker images and push to ecr. So each time the job builds it is taking the same amount of time approx to 10 min. My jenkins master is running on container and and have used Amazon EC2 […]

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