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Where are the source files for my Docker application deployed to ECS?

I built a Dockerized Python/Django application and deployed it to ECS using these instructions. The application is deployed and responsive. But I notice there are some bugs. So to troubleshoot, I SSH’ed the the EC2 instance running the application. I did a ps and I can clearly see all my application’s processes running. That’s good. […]

How to Access AWS EC2 docker tomcat instance running inside jenkins docker instance from my local browser

I have a jenkins instance running inside a docker container that’s listening on port 8181. Example URL of the jenkins instance: http://ec2-34-155-164-97.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com/ I have a tomcat docker instance that’s listening on port 8383 running inside the jenkins docker container. I can access jenkins instance from my local browser. Is there any possible way that I […]

Amazon ECS troobleshooting task start failures

I am struggling to understand the problems that prevent my task from starting on my Amazon ECS cluster. I have a task with a single container I am currently getting some weird undocumented STOPPED (CannotPullContainerError: Error: image library/bdf) and I have no idea where to start from. When I log into my amazon EC2 instance […]

AWS ECR image list

I have a ECR repository setup and it now contains two images with sequential tags 1 and 2.I am planning to push the docker image automatically from this time, My requirement is when next time i push an image,its tag should be 3,so i have to somehow identify that the next number should be 3 […]

Installation of chef-client(Bootstrapping) on docker container in a VM on Azure/AWS

Scenario: Bootstrapping container to chef server in the same way as we bootstrap azure VM’s. Steps to Reproduce: Install Chef-client using knife bootstrap Run some recipe/role to install or configure container Expected Result: Installation of software such as java, python, or tools such as Jenkins, tomcat Actual Result: Error : SSH connection timeout when knife […]

Create AWS::ECR::Repository resource by Cloudformation

I want to create repositories in my ECS cluster, using this syntax : “PrincipalRepository”: { “Type” : “AWS::ECR::Repository”, “Properties” : { “RepositoryName” : String, “RepositoryPolicyText” : JSON object } } My question is: how to configure also the docker image in the template, and the repository URI : account.dkr.ecr.region.amazonaws.com/repoName ? Because I think this template […]

Docker mount directory access rights

I’ve got a docker container running a MongoDB database. To keep the data persistant I mount a volume on the container which is a AWS EBS volume formatted with xfs (the MongoDB recommendation). The run command is the following: $ docker run –name MongoDB -p 27017:27017 –volume /data/mongo/db:/data/db –volume /data/mongo/conf:/data/configdb mongo:3.4 –config /data/configdb/mongodb.conf But I […]

Amazon ECS “the referenced cluster was inactive”

I followed the steps to install the ECS client on Ubuntu 16, but when I try to run the ECS container agent, it keeps restarting and when I have a look at the logs 2016-12-07T06:01:39Z [INFO] Starting Agent: Amazon ECS Agent – v1.13.1 (efe53c6) 2016-12-07T06:01:39Z [INFO] Loading configuration 2016-12-07T06:01:39Z [INFO] Checkpointing is enabled. Attempting to […]

Self hosted kibana 5.1.1 showing blank pages after connected to AWS Elasticsearch 5.1.1

We decided to run a self-hosted kibana site with docker image kibana:5.1.1(to be compatible with the AWS elasticsearch version) due to security reasons. However, after setting everything up, the kibana site is showing blank pages. Kibana log shows no error and curl to elasticsearch from inside the kibana instance gets the normal “you know, for […]

How much maximum heap space does a Play Framework App use per default

I am deploying a Play Framework 2.4 Application as a Docker Container on AWS. I have to specify a Hard/Soft Memory Limit for the Container. I do not know what limit to choose and wanted to set it to the maximum amount of heap space the App might be using. Researching I only found discussions […]

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