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need for Node.js docker image that run the app when start

I’m using AWS Elastic Beanstalk Multicontainer environment. the problem is when using image node:0.12 or node:argon the container start then close immediately. node:argon “node” About a minute ago Exited (0) after investigation we found that we must build our own image with some commands that will start the app when container initialized. my question is: […]

cannot connect to service hosted in ECS built through cloudformation template

I’m creating a stack based on this template:http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSCloudFormation/latest/UserGuide/quickref-ecs.html Initially I replaced the image configuration (in taskDefinition) with my own (hosted in dockerhub) but when I try to access the service (via the public DNS provided by the EC2 instance), i can’t connect to it. I also used the default template (with the sample-app image) but […]

Login to AWS's ECR fails

I get a timeout error when trying to login to AWS’s ECR via Docker: > $(aws –profile sly ecr get-login –region us-east-1) Error: Error response from daemon: Get <url>: dial tcp: lookup <url> on <ip>: read udp <addr>-><addr>: i/o timeout

Elastic Beanstalk deployment of Docker failing and reverting to old application version

I am trying to deploy a new version of my Docker application to AWS EB. Whenever I upload a new version it tries to compile for a while and then reverts to an old version of the application. I pulled the logs from EB and found the following errors logged a bunch of times in […]

Why am I getting UTF-8 invalid bye sequence ArgumentErrors in dotenv only on EC2?

This is an example of the stack trace I’m getting. Dockerized Rails 4.2.6/PG app on AWS ECS is breaking in production only, works fine in development and on GitLab CI building. I figure maybe my .env is broken somewhere, but I load all env vars through the Task Definition on AWS. /home/emailgalaxy/gems/ruby/2.3.0/gems/dotenv-2.1.1/lib/dotenv/parser.rb:44:in `split’: invalid byte […]

Is there a docker image which is similar (or the same) as AWS EC2 AMI?

I want to test something which I later deploy to Amazon AWS using the default AMI. Is there a Docker image which I can test with, that has the same “content” as Amazon base AMI?

Compilation of program on Docker is slow

I am trying to compile and run a java/c program on AWS host in docker container. Normally on my local host it compiles and runs fast. On AWS host it runs very very slow. CPU configurations of host are preety good. I have checked them. CPU and memory usage is also low. First kswapd0 was […]

Node Docker Container On Elastic Beanstalk Can't Find Local Gulp

I am trying to deploy a single docker container to elastic beanstalk and my run command gulp production && node server.js. Docker keeps throwing the error Local gulp not found in /app/user … try running npm install gulp. I have tried listing gulp in my package.json file as both a depdency and devDependecy, but that […]

Create multiple Docker machines at once with docker-machine

In my application, I need to create many Docker machines on a cloud computing service (AWS-EC2 for now but could be changed), then deploy many containers on those machines. I am using docker-machine to provision them on AWS, using a command like docker-machine create –driver amazonec2 –amazonec2-ssh-keypath <path-to-pem> <machine-name> The problem is that it takes […]

Connection refused while connecting to a docker image deployed on Elastic Beanstalk

I deployed a docker image running a fluentd instance on Elastic Beanstalk I want to send messages to fluentd from another Elastic Beanstalk application, but I receive java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused. in fluend.conf I set <source> type forward bind port 24224 </source> In Dockerfile i set EXPOSE 24224 In Dockerrun.aws.json “Ports”: [ { “ContainerPort”: “24224” […]

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