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Configure Postgres application users with Terraform for RDS

Terraform allows you to define Postgres master user and password with the options username and password. But there is no option to set up an application postgres user, how would you do that?

Should I containerize a standalone command-line or terminal application which requires 16 vCPU?

We are using an application which is currently compiled for windows (it is a standalone .exe, not hooked into registry) and which can also be cross-compiled for *nix if needed. This application runs optimally using about 16 threads in parallel. Deploying an entire windows (or Linux) stack seems burdensome and heavy but I don’t understand […]

Connection refused with kubectl on EC2 ubuntu instance?

I installed docker-go-kubernetes on an ubuntu EC2 AWS instance using this guide: http://kubernetes.io/docs/getting-started-guides/aws/ I have kubectl installed but when I run a test: kubectl run my-nginx –image=nginx –replicas=2 –port=80 I receive and error: The connection to the server localhost:8080 was refused – did you specify the right host or port? How do I specify the […]

Docker: ECS vs Beanstalk vs Docker Cloud

I’m looking for the easiest and fastest way to manage a microservices scalable infrastructure. I chose to use Docker. But so far, I’ve faced some different ways to go. AWS ECS AWS Elastic Beanstalk Docker Cloud Which one would you go? Why?

Elastic Beanstalk Multicontainer Docker Environments: redirect requests between 2 APIs

I have a multicontainer Docker environment on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk. This env include 2 APIs container – PHP and node. The reason for that is we have all previously implemented logic and end points in php, however all new end points are made in nodejs. Now I would like to setup redirection that the existence […]

Is there any benefit to running docker containers on different Amazon servers?

If I’ve built a microservices-based web app, is there any benefit to running docker containers on separate servers? When I say servers, I mean each with it’s own OS, Kernel, etc. One obvious benefit would be that if that machine goes down, it wouldn’t take down all the services, but other than this what are […]

Configure ECS to use Reserved Instances

ECS (EC2 Container Service) works with Auto Scaling Groups. But is it possible to use ECS with Reserved Instances? I ask this because Reserved Instances are cheaper.

User-data script not executed when starting EC2 instance from AWS CLI

I am trying to use the AWS CLI to start an EC2 instance from an image I have that has Docker installed on it, and then supply that instance a script passed in by –user-data to pull an image from the docker hub and run that image. My AWS CLI command starts the instance, but […]

Java Spring Hibernate application runs on local, but not in aws's ecs docker

Dear Java & Docker Masters, Have you encounter issue that pulls out your hair? Try this: I have a Java Spring Hibernate web application that able to run successfully on my local that build via Gradle. IT is compile using Oracle JDK 1.8.0_101. It runs under Tomcat 7.0.72 (and tomcat runs Open on JDK 1.8.0_102). […]

How do I get an exit code from an Amazon ECS Task?

When I launch tasks in Amazon AWS ECS containers, I need to recover the exit code programmatically via the Java SDK. It appears in the Amazon web interface, and in the SDK I can get a text-based failure reason, but is there a way to get the explicit exit code?

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