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Python/Django Elastic Beanstalk now failing on deploy

I’m working on a project that I haven’t touched in about 4 months. Before everything on the deploy was working fine, but now I’m getting an error when trying to deploy an update. Failed to pull Docker image amazon/aws-eb-python:3.4.2-onbuild-3.5.1: Pulling repository amazon/aws-eb-python time=”2016-01-17T01:40:45Z” level=”fatal” msg=”Could not reach any registry endpoint” . Check snapshot logs for […]

Kubernetes authentication issues pulling ECR images

Kubernetes docs say using AWS ECR is supported, but it’s not working for me. My nodes have an EC2 instance role associated with all the correct permissions but kubectl run debug1 -i –tty –restart=Never –image=672129611065.dkr.ecr.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/debug:v2 results in failed to “StartContainer” for “debug1” with ErrImagePull: “Authentication is required.” Details The instances all have a role associated […]

Can't push an image to ECS Private Registry – no basic auth credentials

From OSX, I’m just following the guide you can find here (detailed repro steps below): https://console.aws.amazon.com/ecs/home?region=us-east-1#/repositories/create aws-cli/1.10.24 Python/2.7.10 Darwin/15.4.0 botocore/1.4.15 Docker version 1.11.1, build 5604cbe (The new beta) Everything goes fine until the push command, which fails with: no basic auth credentials I saw someone w/ the same error here: Can't push image to Amazon […]

Mounting AWS EBS volume when launching VM with Docker Machine

I’m exploring using Docker and Docker Machine to simplify my workflow for spinning up environments in AWS to support data analysis and machine learning tasks. I’ve worked out most of the details but have two outstanding questions: 1) When launching a VM in AWS with Docker Machine, how do I specify an EBS volume to […]

Trouble getting AWS ecs-cli to pull from private docker repo

I’m trying to use the new AWS ecs-cli and can’t get it to pull from a private docker repo. I’ve got my docker credentials in an S3 bucket but how would I go about setting that in the cli? The documentation isn’t very clear on this. I don’t want to start ssh-ing into the actual […]

Increasing the AWS ECS Task Definition reserved ports limit

I’m trying to set up a docker container with aws’ ecs service. I would like to reserve ports 30000 – 60000 on the host machine and map those ports to 30000 – 60000 on the container. Aws documentation, however, states that only 100 ports may be reserved on the host: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonECS/latest/developerguide/task_definition_parameters.html Can anyone explain why […]

AWS EB with Docker, Node and Nginx Config Issues

On AWS, I have configured Elastic BeanStalk to deploy multiple EC2 instances running a Dockerized Node app behind a Elastic Load Balancer. In addition, I have AWS Certificate manager working and loading the site over https via SSL. Here is what I am trying to accomplish: Automatically redirect non www to www.domain.com Automatically redirect http […]

Using rc.local to start network dependent services

Is it safe to use /etc/rc.local to initialize services that depend on the network? I’m using it to start a service that makes some requests to the network during its startup process. Happens that occasionally the service startup is failing (not all the times). This is the error I’m getting: 2016-06-07T12:01:48.724+0000 W NETWORK [ReplicationExecutor] getaddrinfo(“my_machine_local_dns”) […]

Can docker run additional libraries my OS doesnt support?

I have an OS(Amazon Linux) that doesn’t support a library (libcgj). If I host the application via docker container, can I use this library?

How to create a docker container out of existing project on Ubuntu

I have a Django project being hosted on Digital Ocean that I’m trying to migrate to AWS. My project is currently not setup at all with portability in mind. I’m wondering if a clean solution would just be to create a docker container and move that to AWS? My question is (assuming Docker is already […]

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