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How to get docker images from privacy AWS ECR repository in Vagrant

I found that you can use Vagrant and Docker as a provider, That I think is so cool. Official doc The documentation shows a section to set up using private repositories. email, username, password and auth_server I want to know if Vagrant supports aws ecr get-login to get docker images from AWS Registry? Edited: I […]

How to connect my docker image to my kubernetes cluster?

I have a simple play project, and I created a docker image for it. I created the image like: in my circle.yml I added: deployment: feature: branch: /.*/ commands: – docker login -e admin@something.com -u ${ART_USER} -p ${ART_KEY} crp-docker-docker-local.someartifactory.com – sbt -DBUILD_NUMBER=”${CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM}” docker:publish Now in my jfrog account I have the image name for this […]

Installing CPhalcon on an AWS Docker image

I have a docker image that installs phalcon onto a Docker image. Here is the Dockerfile: FROM ubuntu:trusty MAINTAINER Fernando Mayo <fernando@tutum.co>, Feng Honglin <hfeng@tutum.co> # Install packages ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive RUN apt-get update && \ sudo apt-get -y install supervisor php5-dev libpcre3-dev gcc make php5-mysql git curl unzip apache2 libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server php5-mysql pwgen php-apc […]

How to expose my pod to the internet and get to it from the browser?

first of all I downloaded kubernetes, kubectl and created a cluster from aws (export KUBERNETES_PROVIDER=aws; wget -q -O – https://get.k8s.io | bash ) I added some lines to my project circle.yml to use circleCI services to build my image. To support docker I added: machine: services: – docker and to create my image and send […]

EC2 Container Service Networking

My team is exploring different toolsets (Docker Datacenter, DC/OS, etc.) for a CaaS Platform offering. We’re currently looking at Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) as a possible solution, but are having trouble translating our docker-compose files into ECS tasks. Specifically, we’re not sure how to approach networking within a task in ECS. I was under […]

AWS Server setup with JIRA, Docker

I have an Amazon EC2 instance that I’d like to use as a development server for client projects as well as run JIRA. I have a domain pointed to the EC2 server IP. I’m new to docker so unsure if my approach is correct. I’d like to have a JIRA container installed (with another jiradb […]

How do I set the AWS Autoscaler to use the same IP addresses?

I’m using rancher as a web API to my Docker Swarm. The Docker containers are running on AWS instances that we schedule to autoscale up in the morning and down at night. The new ones scale up and log on to rancher in the morning and then drop off. Each morning when the new instances […]

Elastic Beanstalk Multicontainer Docker environment: no entries in etc/hosts for lined containers

I have an environment with a few containers. Some of them are linked. When I run the environment with “docker-compose up -d”, it creates entries in etc/hosts for linked containers. When I run it with “eb local run”, no entries are created. Why is that? My Dockerrun.aws.json { “AWSEBDockerrunVersion”: 2, “containerDefinitions”: [ { “name”: “api”, […]

AWS Elastic Beanstalk VPC – HTTPS from ELB to instance

I’m trying to figure out the best way to manage HTTPS for an EB docker application. At the moment I’m using the following approach. ELB accepts HTTPS connections on 443, and forwards to HTTP port 80 on the instance. ELB accepts HTTP connections on 80, and forwards to HTTP port 8080 on the instance. Instance […]

Elastic Beanstalk Docker App fails after “Restart App Servers”

I’m trying to test a very simple docker app in Elastic Beanstalk. However I’ve encountered a very strange problem where my application fails with a “502 Bad Gateway” after I do “Restart App Servers” from within my EB application environment. I’m doing the following… eb init “test-app” Create a simple Dockerfile… {code} FROM ubuntu RUN […]

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