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Docker & Amazon Beanstalk – Deploy an Angular application

I am trying to deploy a dist folder that is generated with versioning by Gulp using a Dockerfile and with Amazon EB. This fails when I run eb deploy with: COPY dist /var/www/html dist: no such file or directory. Check snapshot logs for details. Hook /opt/elasticbeanstalk/hooks/appdeploy/pre/03build.sh failed. For more detail, check /var/log/eb-activity.log using console or […]

How to connect a running container(tomcat) on amazon ec2 to RDS postgres

In aws, I have an amazon linux instance running with docker installed and my app running as a container. It’s running in tomcat. However I need to connect it to my database. I have made this work with a postgres container earlier doing this: docker run –link <dbcontainername>:db -P -d tomcat-image But to have the […]

AWS Network ACL Rules for Docker

I want to setup AWS VPC Network ACL rules that allow docker pulls. Currently I’m blocked unless I allow all ICMP traffic on Incoming ports. What are the specific ports I need to open in order to allow incoming/outgoing traffic for docker pulls? Thanks in advance

Kubernetes 1.2alpha8 AWS Container Registry Integration

Was trying to integrate kubernetes with AWS Container Registry. From what I have read it sounds like it should be automatically setup if the cluster is deployed to AWS. Which my cluster is. I also granted the IAM Roles the necessary permissions to pull from ecr but I still get unable to pull image when […]

Issue in “Accessing S3 bucket from ElasticBeanstalk using Docker Json file”

When I try to deploy my code in Docker Hub from ElasticBeanstalk, I am getting the following error. The problem is with the S3 bucket endpoint. What is the right way to specify the endpoint for S3 bucket in the Json template below. ERROR: <Error><Code>NoSuchBucket</Code> <Message>The specified bucket does not exist</Message> <BucketName>srini-bucket</BucketName> <RequestId>87B1CFBA66EAC80B</RequestId> <HostId>XSzOT/Efj0nFK8Qks6XpH6HBthCA7j9q8M42eRiqrgBqvM3Nl4f4rt73r+JhUao= </HostId> […]

How to move Marathon to docker at AWS?

I am new to the marathon technology. During AWS set up some one installed marathon with java dependencies. Now I want to remove that java dependencies and want marathon to run on docker at aws. So how can I move Marathon to docker at AWS ?

How to access docker service with docker private ip and port from different host in aws without port forwarding or using docker host ip

I have the following setup, where both host are in same VPC. Host1: public ip : 53.X.X.X private ip : 172.X.X.X docker ip : (bridge ip) Host2: public ip : 53.X.X.X private ip : 172.X.X.X Now, when I launch container from host1, let’s say tomcat, how can I access this server with private and […]

Beanstalk app CPU spikes

We are running a docker container on AWS elastic beanstalk, which was running fine for a few weeks but suddenly started to experience very sudden CPU spikes (from ~5% to ~60% in a matter of minutes), who sometimes drop back down quickly, and sometimes stay high for enough time to produce an autoscaling event and […]

Upgrading Docker in Amazon linux AMI to 1.11.1

The docker version in my amazon linux is 1.9.1 and I want to upgrade it to 1.11.1. But yum update doesn’t upgrade the docker version and it still at 1.9.1. $ uname -a Linux ip-10-215-0-163 4.4.5-15.26.amzn1.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Mar 16 17:15:34 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux $ docker info Containers: 4 Images: 9 […]

Best way to to implement Spark + AWS + Caffe/CUDA?

I am looking to deploy an application that already has a trained caffemodel file and I need to deploy it to a Spark cluster on AWS for processing due to GPU computation power needed (20K patches per image). From my research it seems that the best way to do it is to use Spark to […]

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