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AWS Beanstalk and Docker ports = what manner of tomfoolery is this?

So I have a docker application that runs on port 9000, and I’d like to have this accessed only via https rather than http, however I don’t appear to be making any sense of how amazon handles ports. In short I’d like only expose port 443 and not 80 (on the load balancer layer and […]

AWS Docker deployment

I have a custom docker image uploaded to ECS. I opened up the permissions to try and get through this issue (I will lock it down again once I can get this to work). I am attempting to deploy the docker image to elastic beanstalk. I have a docker enabled elastic beanstalk environment set up. […]

Is is possible to deploy a Docker image straight to AWS?

I’m having a tough time wrapping my brain around the possibilities of Docker, so pardon my ignorance here: Can I take a Docker image of a database server that I’ve created, and deploy that straight to a fresh EC2 server via some mechanism? Or, would I have to create the EC2 server, then install Docker […]

Which is the best way to pass AWS credentials to Docker container?

I am running docker-container on Amazon EC2. Currently I have added AWS Credentials to Dockerfile. Could you please let me know the best way to do this?

SSH into a docker container from another container on a different host

I have a docker container running on an EC2 host, and another running on another ec2 host. How do I ssh from one to another, without providing any port numbers? I want to do something like ssh root@ip-address-of-container

“Invalid configuration for registry” error when executing “eb local run”

I think this is a very easy to fix problem, but I just can’t seem to solve it! I’ve spent a good amount of time looking for any leads on Google/SO but no resolve. I’m getting a Invalid configuration for registry error when executing eb local run {17-05-17 10:22}[2.3.1]me:~/Repositories/xxx@master✗✗✗✗✗✗ chris% eb local run ERROR: InvalidConfigFile […]

Docker push to AWS ECR fails on Windows: no basic auth credentials

I am using docker on windows (Docker for Windows, not Docker Toolbox) and aws cli in cygwin (“git bash”) shell. I’m trying to push a docker image into AWS ECR – the private ECS repository. Whatever I do – when I’m running docker push I repeatedly get: no basic auth credentials Method 1 I have […]

AWS beanstalk environment isn't rotating docker container logs

I am running a scala app on elastic beanstalk and the server gets overfilled with container logs which are not rotated. The default scheme of beanstalk rotates docker logs in the /var/log/eb-docker/containers/eb-current-app/* folder, but additional logs are accumulating in /var/lib/docker/containers/<container-id>/* and since they are not rotating the disk becomes full very quickly. I’ve tried dealing […]

Creating kubernetes cluster inside an existing VPC in AWS

To create kubernetes cluster in AWS, I use the set up script “https://get.k8s.io”. That script creates a new VPC automatically, but I want to create kubernetes cluster inside an existing VPC in AWS. Is there a way to do it? I checked /kubernetes/cluster/aws/config-default.sh file, but there doesn’t seem to be any environment variables about VPC.

How to set up autoscaling RabbitMQ Cluster AWS

I’m trying to move away from SQS to RabbitMQ for messaging service. I’m looking to build a stable high availability queuing service. For now I’m going with cluster. Current Implementation , I have three EC2 machines with RabbitMQ with management plugin installed in a AMI , and then I explicitly go to each of the […]

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