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AWS Container Service – what is the logging best practice?

My current approach is to have logging to stdout for each container and then get docker to send that to syslog, or to syslog to a remote syslog if the container cannot do stdout, and setup logstash to be that syslog sink. Does AWS offer any facility for logging that I should be considering instead?

Docker Continuous Integration with AWS

I’m currently trying to automate our dev process using CodePipeline. My docker application fetches from the Source(Github) -> Builds(AWS CodeBuild) -> Deploy. In the final deployment process, I’m having trouble revising my task definition and restarting my cluster tasks. I understand that I need a CloudFormation template to perform these actions, but there isn’t much […]

ECS network host mode and links = CannotCreateContainerError: Container already exists

I’m using AWS ECS to deploy my group of docker containers and in bridge network mode all works perfectly but with a slow performance… I’ve read that this problem resolves with a host network mode but if i use this, it causes an error on containers deploy (some of them), “CannotCreateContainerError: Container already exists”. Looking […]

Deploying Docker Data Volumes

How do I deploy a named data volume, with contents, to nodes in a swarm? Here is what I want to do, as described in the Docker documentation: “Consider a situation where your image starts a lightweight web server. You could use that image as a base image, copy in your website’s HTML files, and […]

Errors building two different projects with stack on the same machine

We have multiple haskell projects we build with stack. Our CI process creates instances on amazon to run tests and perform builds. We occasionally get strange errors. I suspect we get them when we try to run multiple builds on the same instance. It’s my understanding that stack should be able to handle this use […]

Running Docker container randomly disappears on AWS EC2 Ubuntu

I’m running Docker on a t2.micro AWS EC2 instance with Ubuntu. I’m running several containers. One of my long-running containers (always the same) just disappeared after running about 2-5 days for the third time right now. It is just gone with no sign of a crash. The machine has not been restarted (uptime says 15 […]

Kubernetes and vSphere, AWS

I am a bit late to the party and am just delving into containers now. At work we use vSphere as our virtualization platform, but are likely to move to “the cloud” (AWS, GCP, Heroku, etc.) at some point in the somewhat-near future. Ideally, I’d like to build up our app containers such that I […]

Can I select which services to run with Atlassian's Localstack

Pretty much as the title says. I’m trying to run localstack, via docker on CentOS 7, having nothing but trouble. Today’s problem is “ERROR:localstack.services.kinesis.kinesis_starter:Kinesis health check failed: Could not connect to the endpoint URL: http://localhost.localdomain:4568/” which apparently is cause for the entire thing to restart, and that is less than ideal when the s3 mock […]

I'm unable to connect Docker Remote API using nodejs hosted in AWS

I have created t1.micro instance in Amazon web-services(AWS), and installed docker.io. I executed following commend in SSH client “sudo docker -H tcp:// -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock -d &”. when I am trying to get all images : myipaddres:4243/images/json. I’am getting “This webpage is not available” page.

Docker in docker on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

I have a docker container running on elastic beanstalk. From within this container I want to run other containers using the docker daemon running on the host OS. As I read here http://blog.docker.com/category/demos/, it is possible if the first container is invoked by: docker run -it -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock <image_name> Can I make Beanstalk invoke my […]

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