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AWS opsworks docker service discovery

AWS opswork can deploy dockers to a cluster and so does ECS(ec2 container services). The service discovery in EC2 can be achieved using weave.net or consul etc… when we use opsworks for docker deployment, any suggestions on how to add dynamic service discovery, so inside of my docker container, I can easily get the end […]

Pulling image from Amazon ECR using docker-java

I am facing an issue with pulling image from Amazon ECR using docker–java client. The authentication of ECR registry login is successful, but unable to pull a specific image from the repository. Strange thing is that logging into ECR using bash and pulling image using docker works. I am using 3.0 version of java-docker library […]

Kubernetes run on AWS

I’ve been struggling with configuring Kubernetes for many hours and I don’t know how to move it forward. What I did : I created few services using spring cloud I created docker images for each service I pushed those images to docker hub I launched AWS by running export KUBERNETES_PROVIDER=aws; wget -q -O – https://get.k8s.io […]

Problems with –with-registry-auth option, doesnt work with AWS container repositories

When we want create a swarm service from a docker HUB repositories we need do the follows steps 1) docker login (dockerHUB login) 2) docker-machine ssh manager_name “docker service create -p 80:5000 –name web –with-registry-auth repository:latest” However if we try a similar command for AWS EC2 container repository this doesnt work. For example Im trying […]

Implementing MongoDB in AWS EC2 Container Service

I need to implement MongoDB in Amazon’s AWS EC2 Container Service and I have no clue how to start with it, there’s little or none documentation about it and I was wondering if anyone of you has already faced the same problem and maybe we can share some solutions. Thanks in advance 🙂

Jenkins running in Docker on AWS EC2 can't retrieve http URLs, only https

I’m trying to set up Jenkins inside a Docker container on an AWS EC2 instance. I have had some success – Jenkins is running, and I can get to it, but there’s a problem. Whenever Jenkins tries to access a http URL to download, for example, a plugin, it gets a 404 reply. I’ve bashed […]

Docker container out of sync with host

I have a simple Node app which sends messages to AWS SQS. For local development I am providing AWS SDK with region, queueUrl, accessKeyId, secretAccessKey. Everything works fine until I dockerise the app and run as a container. Then whenever SQS wants to do something I get the following error { SignatureDoesNotMatch: Signature expired: 20161211T132303Z […]

How to do container rollbacks using a multi docker configuration on elasticbeanstalk

I’m using EB to run multiple Docker containers using there multi docker configuration which makes use of ECS. I’m wanting to find out how I can manage container rollbacks?! At the moment if I push something to GitHub, my codepipeline initiates a codebuild, my codebuild then pushes the built container to our ECS registry with […]

aws ecr access authenticator required

I am new to Docker and I want to use ESR service to run my image. While I access to the ip address given by the esr instance, it requires entering username and password. However, i have no idea where I could get these to access. I have tried all aws related but nothing works.

Deploy one image on multi-container docker Elastic BeansTalk Service

I have defined two images in docker config file for deploying two applications in multi-container docker environment of aws elastic beanstalk. Now I need only one of these two services to be re-deployed/re-start. Is it possible and how can I do it?

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