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How do I configure “ulimits” for a Docker container running in AWS ECS?

My Java application appears to be running out of “open files” limit when running in a Docker container in AWS ECS. Upon further investigation, I found that the open files limit defaults to 1024. Typically, in Linux I would edit /etc/security/limits.conf. That does not appear to take effect when I modify that file in my […]

Can I create a container image with docker-compose build?

I’ve got an app that currently has several containers – and I’d like to just build the web container, isolated, to send to AWS ECS. The docker-compose.yml currently contains info for web’s ports, command, env, etc, and the actual dockerfile for my web container just has the python version. If I use docker build . […]

Error Docker deployment in Amazon Elastic Beanstalk – Docker container quit unexpectedly

I am trying deploy a simple docker container through Elastic Beanstalk but I am getting Docker container quit unexpectedly error. Not sure what is wrong here. Thanks in advance for the help. Dockerrun.aws.json: { “AWSEBDockerrunVersion”: “1”, “Image”: { “Name”: “janedoe/image”, “Update”: “true” }, “Ports”: [{ “ContainerPort”: “10010” }], “Volumes”: [{ “HostDirectory”: “/home/ec2-user/testdocker”, “ContainerDirectory”: “/home/ec2-user/testdocker” }], […]

Elastic Beanstalk with Docker deployment failure

I’m trying to deploy my application with docker and elastic beanstalk. My Dockerrun.aws.json file looks like { “AWSEBDockerrunVersion”: “1”, “Image”: { “Name”: “jvans/maven_weekly”, “Update”: “true” }, “Ports”: [ { “ContainerPort”: “5000” }], “Volumes”: [ { “HostDirectory”: “/Users/jamesvanneman/Code/maven_weekly/maven_weekly”, “ContainerDirectory”: “/maven_weekly” } ], “Logging”: “/var/log/nginx” } I created this application with eb create and when I run […]

Where does docker store it's temp files during extraction?

Before you chastise me for having a 12 GB image, know that it’s the only way we can handle this specific scenario and still automate the build process. When I’m done with this project, I’ll put myself in timeout – I promise. Now, I’m working on a project with Opsworks and I need to pull […]

Difference between Docker and AMI

In the context of AWS: AMI is used to package software and can be deployed on EC2. Docker can also be used to package software and can also be deployed to EC2. What’s the difference between both and how do I choose between them?

AWS EB should create new instance once my docker reached its maximum memory limit

I have deployed my dockerized micro services in AWS server using Elastic Beanstalk which is written using Akka-HTTP(https://github.com/theiterators/akka-http-microservice) and Scala. I have allocated 512mb memory size for each docker and performance problems. I have noticed that the CPU usage increased when server getting more number of requests(like 20%, 23%, 45%…) & depends on load, then […]

When deploying a Docker container to AWS, do i need to deploy my own reverse proxy as well?

I have a rails API to handle data and server logic for other client apps. When dockerizing and deploying it to AWS elastic beanstalk (generic docker – single container), it fails. Do i need to deploy multiple containers, to include my own configuration of nginx? or does AWS have a way to handle the reverse […]

How to use awslog driver in to get the logs from the docker container?

I have a docker container running in EC2. The logs in the container are written at /var/log. How do I use the awslog driver to get these logs from the container and store it?

Will single docker container scale automatically on Amazon's EC2?

I created a single Docker container on Amazon’s EC2 default instance. I am wondering will my app automatically scale if there is a sudden spike in traffic?

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