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Docker trying to push 900MB to aws ec2 container

I’ve created a docker image locally, and it’s about 900MB. I’ve setup AWS container service and I’m now trying push my docker image to it. My docker image is a node (v6) application. It’s taking too long and I feel like I’m doing something wrong here? It shouldn’t be trying to push 900MB (the size […]

Multi Docker container with PHP7 fpm and nginx

I am having issues with setting up a multi docker container environment. The idea is pretty standard: One container have php-fpm running Another is a nginx proxy My phpfpm Docker file is as simple as: FROM php:7.0-fpm # install the PHP extensions we need RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y libpng12-dev libjpeg-dev && rm […]

Supervisord in Docker + AWS Elastic Beanstalk can't accept non-alphanumeric environment variables

I am using custom Docker container in AWS Elastic beanstalk to deploy a wep application. I could set environment variables such as API key, API secret, etc.. on AWS web console.(Elastic beanstalk => Configuration => Software Configuration) It worked fine. However, after I changed some variables to other values which contain special characters, it did […]

Docker registry getsockopt: connection refused

I am attempting to set up my own docker registry on an EC2 instance, Ubuntu Server 16.04. Having followed https://docs.docker.com/registry/deploying/, I currently have nginx running with LetsEncrypt and have successfully started the docker registry service with the docker run command. However, the system responds that the connection is refused when doing docker push. Below I […]

Issues with AWS Route53 setup for Multi Docker Container

I have two different applications deployed through Elastic Beanstalk: Single instance tomcat prebuild Single instance multi docker For App #1 I have route53 setup in a way that www.domain.com is an A record aliasing the EBS environment url and everything works perfectly. I was trying to do the same for App #2, but it was […]

How to create docker base image from Amazon Linux AMI

I am beginner in Docker and i need to implement docker in AWS and i want to create my own images. From the docker docs, i followed the process to create a Dockerfile. My question is how to create a base image using amazon linux ami? I have a amazon linux machine in aws and […]

How to control how many docker services to run on each EC2?

What’s the simplest way (1.12 is fine) to get this running on AWS so that there is 1 total main service and 50 node services, such that there exists only 2 node services on each host (or EC2 instance)? There are so many options out there and I’d like to use docker swarm, but I […]

PHP application moving to Docker failed to connect on AWS

I have an application that is currently running successfully in the following configuration: nginx platform PHP 7.0 redis driver pdo driver running under an ec2 instance ubuntu, connecting to an rds instance to a mysql 5.6. My goal is to start slowly migrating the application to self contained docker component for php. here is the […]

Converting an ElasticBeanstalk environment to a Docker container

I am running several Ruby applications in Elasticbeanstalk in AWS. I’d like developers to have the ability to run this applications locally in Docker containers. However, the Ruby applications have never been run anywhere other than in Beanstalk, so I haven’t inherited any documentation re. how they are deployed. Beanstalk itself uses Passenger Standalone running […]

port number not accessible when running webpack-dev-server

I have a centOS 7.2 box as my web server hosted in aws. I found something interesting : when I run my web site using a nginx docker container, I’m able to access it from my local machine. i.e. run docker command docker run -d -p 8000:80 my-nginx-image and access the web site through the […]

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