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Build docker image from local instead of git clone

I’ve been stuck on this for a while now, and would like the best-practice approach to this issue. I have built an app in Go that I would like to publish on AWS with Docker. I was following the AWS instructions on how to set it up, however when I try the build command, I […]

How to change express.js microservice application for ecs auto scaling

This is my containerized micro-service application and workflow. Travis pull code from git, build docker image and push to ECR. Updates ECS task and service with new image tag using aws cli on successful travis build. I have one instance per dev and staging cluster. I can have more than one instance for prod cluster […]

AWS ECS container logs design pattern

I have a classic scala app, it produces three different logs in the location /var/log/myapp/log1/mylog.log /var/log/myapp/log2/another.log /var/log/myapp/log3/anotherone.log I containerized the app and working fine, I can get those logs by docker volume mount. Now the app/container will be deployed in AWS ECS with auto scaling group. in this case multiple container may run on one […]

Getting list of running containers from a cluster

I am running docker containers on an AWS via ECS. I have setup a cluster with some basic configuration. Now I am looking forward to get no. of all running containers on this cluster (spread across 2-3 EC2 instances)? Does AWS / Docker provide any API for this? I know on a container instance, doing […]

How I can inject artifact from AWS S3 inside Docker image?

I need to prepare Docker image with embedded Jar file to push it into ECR. Jar file is storing in S3 bucket. How I can inject jar inside image without explicit storing AWS access keys into image? Maybe I can use AWS CLI or exist other way? Also it is not recommended to add public […]

Angular 2 app deploy in a docker Container running on AWS

Hello Fellow Programmer, For a project we created an Angular 2, which will be our GUI. This GUI will get his Data from a Backend-API hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS)‎. The GUI should run also on AWS, we thougt about running it as an Docker container on an EC2. The GUI works fine on […]

Best practice using ALB

What would be the best practice in terms of high security and functionality of using ALB with the Docker containers that are inside private subnets? Should I install ALB in public subnet with the internet or installing ALB in private subnet would be the best thing to do in order to secure instances inside private […]

HTTPS on Elastic Beanstalk (Docker Multi-container)

I’ve been looking around and haven’t found much content with regards to a best practice when it comes to setting up HTTPS/SSL on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk with a Multi-container Docker environment. There is a bunch of stuff when it comes to single container configuration, but nothing when it comes to multi-container. My Dockerrun.aws.json looks like […]

connecting Docker to a cloud provider, Amazon AWS

Context: I was going though Link to Amazon Web Services to create Swarms, in order to connect to my provider. The role was created with success. Then, while creating the policy, to associate to the role, a problem happened. Problem: An error occurred: Cannot exceed quota for PolicySize: 5120 As suggested by them, this is […]

Getting Started with EC2 Container Registry

This is giving me a headache. Here’s what I’ve done so far Created an EC2 Virtual Server Instance, and its running Installed the AWS CLI Installed Docker on my EC2 Virtual Server after I SSH’d into it So looking at the docs it tells you how to build an image. Now comes my confusion. Question […]

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