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Should I use docker (nginx) for serving a SPA?

I only have 1 javascript file(bundle.js packed by webpack) and 1 html. It’s kinda like SPA. I’m thinking how I host this SPA? I already have one clean VM on Amazon EC2. I was planning setup a docker (Nginx) on this EC2. However, as I said, this VM is clean. Only this SPA will use […]

Error defining a task on Amazon Container Service

But to run the aws ecs register-task-definition –family –container-definitions wordpress file: //wordpress.json” is giving the following error below: Error parsing parameter ‘–container-definitions’: Invalid JSON: Expecting object: line 1 column 1 (char 0) JSON received: { My wordpress.json: { “containerDefinitions”: [ { “name”: “wordpress”, “links”: [ “mysql” ], “image”: “wordpress”, “essential”: true, “portMappings”: [ { “containerPort”: […]

Specifying Docker daemon host in Elastic Beanstalk

I’d like to set a proper docker host when running the daemon on boot. Is there any way I can pass runtime flags? Ideally I’d like to reproduce: docker -H -d &

EC2 Instances – Are they Just Containers

I’m so confused. I created an EC2 Instance. So this isn’t a “Host”? It’s a container instance? I’m confused then if that’s the case. Then what’s the host for the images or how does this work? I pulled an image from docker hub to it, pushed the image to the AWS registry, and then now […]

Install composer dependencies while deploying

I’m using Elastic Beanstalk to deploy my application as a Single Docker Application. My Dockerfile does composer install while deploying, but I get a Could not authenticate against github.com error. I use these lines in my Dockerfile to install my dependencies: WORKDIR /www RUN [“composer”, “install”, “-o”] How would I solve this issue?

Custom DOCKER_HOST in Elastic Beanstalk Docker environment

I have an ElasticBeanstalk setup using Amazon’s Docker AMI. I have just started experimenting with setting up a new environment within my EB Application. It is running as Webserver with Docker. What I am trying to do with this environment is have Docker daemon running that is running on TCP rather than a Unix socket. […]

Run one app on multiple elastic beanstalk instances

I have one Flask app which handles a number of things which are common to a number of elastic beanstalk applications: logging, database/ORM, error handling, are all handled by Flask, and similar across elastic beanstalk instances. I have four eb applications, which each do different jobs, demand different docker images, and so on. One approach […]

ECS Showing Error After Running Task Definition “STOPPED (Essential container in task exited)”

i Created one default cluster using “ami-562cf236” in Oregon Region, and i created one task Definition and service but when i’m running this service its throwing error and Stopped : “STOPPED (Essential container in task exited)” i’m pulling image from ECS repository only. We Are Using Simple Dockerfile, we able to push image form EC2 […]

Dockerfile image path contains invalid charector

Deploying to Elastic Beanstalk fails with dockerfile that starts with FROM dockerfile/java Checking the logs reveals: Invalid repository name (java), only [a-z0-9-_.] are allowed Failed to pull Docker image dockerfile/java:latest The validation regex does not include / though that is the image location. Building and running from the dockerfile works fine locally. Pushing the local […]

Can I specify a file instead of a directory to send to the container in the Dockerrun.aws.json file?

I cannot find the reference documentation to the available fields in Dockerrun.aws.json. I’m trying to import /dev/log from the host into the container so that I can centralize logs to logstash. From the example, we can see that there is “HostDirectory” and “ContainerDirectory” however I can’t find any analogue for “HostFile”/”ContainerFile”. How can I specify […]

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