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Docker on Cent OS 6 fails to build container after switching to different container directory

Because we want to share docker images between different nodes in a cluster we edited the docker demon options in file /etc/sysconfig/docker other_args=” -g /shared_filesystem/docker -p /node_local_filesystem/var/run/docker.pid” Environment docker version 1.7.1 Cent OS 6.8 I have a docker file building a container based on debian:stretch. After successfully pulling the image the very first RUN apt-get […]

docker websphere can't get the admin console

I am running WebSphere on docker. When I expose the port 9080, I can get the “Welcome to Liberty” page(http://localhost:9080). docker run -d -e LICENSE=accept -p 9080:9080 docker.io/websphere-liberty CONTAINER ID: 1d1eb3db6b03 IMAGE:docker.io/websphere-liberty COMMAND:”/opt/ibm/wlp/bin/ser” CREATED:17 seconds ago STATUS:Up 15 seconds PORTS:9443/tcp,>9080/tcp NAMES: naughty_ritchie Here is the issue. When I expose the port 9060. I couldn’t […]

How to deal with Docker container dependencies properly?

I have just started to learn about Docker and consider replacing my VM-based infrastructure by a Docker infrastrucutre. I am wondering about how to deal with dependencies between containers and how to decide when/if a restart of a dependent container is necessary and if so, how to minimize downtime. To get more precise, I discovered […]

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