Jenkins inside docker loses configuration when container is restarted

I have followed the next guide to download the docker image with Jenkins.

When I start my container using docker start CONTAINERNAME command, I can access to Jenkins from localhost:8080.

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  • The problem comes up when I change Jenkins configuration and restart Jenkins using docker stop CONTAINERNAME and docker start CONTAINERNAME, my Jenkins doesn’t contain any of my previous configuration changes..

    How can I persist the Jenkins configuration?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Jenkins inside docker loses configuration when container is restarted”

    You need to mount the Jenkins configuration as a volume, the -v flag will do just that for you. (you can ignore the --privileged flag in my example unless you plan on building docker images inside your jenkins docker image)

    docker run --privileged --name='jenkins' -d -p 6999:8080 -p 50000:50000 -v /home/jan/jenkins:/var/jenkins_home jenkins:latest

    The -v flag will mount your /var/jenkins_home outside your container in /home/jan/jenkins maintaining it between rebuilds.

    --name so that you have a fixed name for the container to start / stop it from.

    Then next time you want to run it, simply call

    docker start jenkins
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