Jenkins build parameter not working in quotes

I’m trying to issue a jenkins shell command with docker looks like this:

docker run -v ${env.param1}:/workspace –privileged=true app sh -c ‘python –option ${env.param1}’

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  • …and the result looks like this:

    docker run -v actual.param1:/workspace –privileged=true app sh -c ‘cd folder && python –option ${env.param2}’

    The first environment parameter ${env.param1} is successfully replaced with actual parameter, but the second one ${env.param2} is not. Seems to me that because the second ${env.param2} is inside a single quote, jenkins is not replacing the parameter.

    Thank you for reading and I would appreciate your help!!

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Jenkins build parameter not working in quotes”

    docker run -v ${env.param1}:/workspace –privileged=true app sh -c ‘python –option ${env.param1}’

    You are passing ${env.param1} inside of '‘s (single quotes), therefore it is not being evauluated, change your command to use doublequotes instead:

    docker run -v ${env.param1}:/workspace –privileged=true app sh -c “python –option ${env.param1}”

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