Java + Docker: Different datasource url

I’m working on a Spring Boot project which I want to run in a docker environment. The project is split up in different modules each having it’s own Dockerfile so I’m using docker compose to combine these. I have one service for the db:

      image: postgres:9.5
       - 5432:5432
        POSTGRES_USER: postgres
        POSTGRES_PASSWORD: 123456
        POSTGRES_DB: db1

The module which work with the db has the datasource set: spring.datasource.url= jdbc:postgresql://db:5432/db1

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  • The problem is that I have colleagues who do not want to run it in docker for performance reasons (Windows + Mac user). They rely on spring.datasource.url= jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/db1. Can I use different datasources depending on the environment the module is running?

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