Issues with Redis Cluster in Docker

I am running a Redis Cluster of 48 instances spread across 6 physical servers. These redis instances are running in docker containers.

The cluster is designed as below:

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  • 1) 4 Docker containers for Redis Master are running on each of these 4 servers (M1, M2, M3, M4).

    2) Each master has 2 slaves. So that means 16 Docker Containers for Redis Slave, running on rest of two servers(S1, S2).

    I am facing an issue while fetching the key. For example I am fetching a key which is stored on M1D2 using the redis-cli from the M1D1 it gives me the following error.

    echo "get a " | redis-cli -c -h -p 6351

    -> Redirected to slot [3902] located at

    Could not connect to Redis at Connection refused

    Could not connect to Redis at Connection refused

    I am quite sure that this issue related to Docker. Is it possible to make the Docker use Base Host eth0 IP for redis, rather than using docker0 IP?

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