Issues with docker build command and github

I’m trying to run a dev env as docker machine,

I created the following docker file

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  • FROM rails:4.2
    MAINTAINER Chen Kinnrot <>
    RUN mkdir -p /var/app
    COPY Gemfile /var/app/Gemfile
    WORKDIR /var/app
    RUN bundle install
    CMD rails s -b

    When Running docker build -t dev .

    I get the follwing message

    fatal: unable to connect to Name or service not known

    Why is that, and how can I solve this annoying issue?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Issues with docker build command and github”

    This is a known issue with VirtualBox / boot2docker; when switching networks, boot2docker sometimes looses its DNS information. See these issues;,

    You can either try to restart the machine;

    docker-machine stop default
    docker-machine start default

    Or set the right name server to the virtual machine;

    docker-machine ssh default
    echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf
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