Issue with telefonica/orchestrator

I am dealing with an issue while trying to use telefonica/orchestrator and I hope anyone can help me with it.
My server is CentOS 7.3 and I am trying to build an IoT platform using docker version 1.10.3 and FIWARE. I have successfuly installed all necessary containers (mongodb, orion, mysql, keystone, keypass, pep and orchestrator). Everything works fine except orchestrator. When I am trying to

curl localhost:8084/v1.0/version

the response is:

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    Any ideas why this is happening?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Issue with telefonica/orchestrator”

    It seems that you are trying to ask API orchestrator before orchestrator is completed started. Just wait some seconds before do that.
    BTW telefonica/orchestrator is not part of FIWARE.

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