Issue linking containers in Docker using Docker-compose

I’m using Docker to get my micro services architecture ready.
I’m facing some problem trying to link one container with another using docker-compose.

Basically I have a container for a postgressql image, and the a java micro service developed with spring boot that should connect to the database container.

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  • So I’m setting a link in docker-compose.yml and referencing the db container ip as ‘db’ using :

    - ""

    However I’m getting the following error starting the microservice with docker:

    Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Could not resolve placeholder ‘’ in value “jdbc:postgresql://${}:5432/docker”

    So basically this placeholder cannot be resolved, but normally docker-composed should take care of setting this system variable to point to the db container IP address right?

    What I’m doing wrong?

    Below the files involved:


        version: "2"
          build: ./microservices
          container_name: microservices
            - db
            - consul
            - ""
          image: consul
          container_name: consul
                    - "8500:8500"
        image: postgres
        container_name: local-postgres9.6
              - "5432:5432"
          POSTGRES_PASSWORD: docker
          POSTGRES_USER: docker

    application.yml of the microservice:

      port: 8081
        url: jdbc:postgresql://${}:5432/docker
        driver: org.postgresql.Driver
        username: docker
        password: docker

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Issue linking containers in Docker using Docker-compose”

    Try ${}, according to the documentation:

    Containers for the linked service will be reachable at a hostname
    identical to the alias, or the service name if no alias was specified.

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