Issue in deploying a simple docker image to openshift

I was prototyping Openshift Origin latest version.

OS : RHEL 7.3

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  • Docker : 17.05.0-ce

    oc v1.5.1+7b451fc

    kubernetes v1.5.2+43a9be4

    • Installation is done using a sudo user
    • Started the openshift using oc cluster up
    • Logged into openshift as the default user developer
    • Tried to deploy the docker helloworld app using oc new-app hello-world
    • Used oc get pod to get the status
    • Status is error


    hello-world-1-deploy 0/1 Error 0 57m

    • Checked the logs using oc logs hello-world-1-deploy the error shown is

    error: open /var/run/secrets/ no
    such file or directory

    Tried google and got a lot of similar issue references, most said it is fixed in the latest versions (or similar answers). Looks like a kubernetes issue, but still no luck. Being a newbie is not getting the direction. Can anyone give some idea about this error.

    Errors found on running oc adm diagnostics

    [Note] Running diagnostic: DiagnosticPod
       Description: Create a pod to run diagnostics from the application standpoint
    ERROR: [DCli2012 from diagnostic DiagnosticPod@openshift/origin/pkg/diagnostics/client/run_diagnostics_pod.go:155]
       See the errors below in the output from the diagnostic pod:
       [Note] Running diagnostic: PodCheckAuth
              Description: Check that service account credentials authenticate as expected
       ERROR: [DP1001 from diagnostic PodCheckAuth@openshift/origin/pkg/diagnostics/pod/auth.go:53]
              could not read the service account token: open /var/run/secrets/ no such file or directory
       [Note] Running diagnostic: PodCheckDns
              Description: Check that DNS within a pod works as expected
       [Note] Summary of diagnostics execution (version v1.5.1+7b451fc):
       [Note] Errors seen: 1
    [Note] Running diagnostic: NetworkCheck
       Description: Create a pod on all schedulable nodes and run network diagnostics from the application standpoint
    ERROR: [DNet2001 from diagnostic NetworkCheck@openshift/origin/pkg/diagnostics/network/run_pod.go:77]
       Checking network plugin failed. Error: User "developer" cannot get clusternetworks at the cluster scope
    [Note] Running diagnostic: ClusterRegistry
       Description: Check that there is a working Docker registry
    ERROR: [DClu1006 from diagnostic ClusterRegistry@openshift/origin/pkg/diagnostics/cluster/registry.go:209]
       The "docker-registry" service exists but has no associated pods, so it
       is not available. Builds and deployments that use the registry will fail.
    [Note] Running diagnostic: ClusterRouterName
       Description: Check there is a working router
    ERROR: [DClu2007 from diagnostic ClusterRouter@openshift/origin/pkg/diagnostics/cluster/router.go:156]
       The "router" DeploymentConfig exists but has no running pods, so it
       is not available. Apps will not be externally accessible via the router.

    Resolution (update)

    1. Uninstalled the 1.13 latest and installed the 1.12 latest docker-engine.
    2. Installation done using the centos repository. Reference
    3. Commands used

    Installing dependency se-linux

    sudo yum install docker-engine-selinux-1.12.6-1.el7.centos.noarch

    Installing docker-engine

    sudo yum install docker-engine-1.12.6-1.el7.centos.x86_64

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Issue in deploying a simple docker image to openshift”

    Try downgrading docker to 1.13.1 per this comment.

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