Is there any way to obtain detailed logging info when executing 'docker stack deploy'?

In Docker 17.03, when executing

docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml [stack-name]

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  • the only info that is output is:

    Creating network <stack-name>_myprivatenet
    Creating service <stack-name>_mysql
    Creating service <stack-name>_app

    Is there a way to have Docker output more detailed info about what is happening during deployment?

    For example, the following information would be extremely helpful:

    • image (i.e. ‘mysql’ image) is being downloaded from the registry (and provide the registry’s info)

    • if say the ‘app’ image is unable to be downloaded from its private registry, that an error message (i.e. due to incorrect or omitted credentials – registry login required) be output

    Perhaps it could be provided via either of the following ways:

    • docker stack deploy –logs
    • docker stack log


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  • One Solution collect form web for “Is there any way to obtain detailed logging info when executing 'docker stack deploy'?”

    docker stack logs is actually a requested feature in issue 31458

    request for a docker stack logs which can show the logs for a docker stack much like docker service logs work in 1.13.
    docker-compose works similarly today, showing the interleaved logs for all containers deployed from a compose file.
    This will be useful for troubleshooting any kind of errors that span across heterogeneous services.

    This is still pending though, because, as Drew Erny (dperny) details:

    there are some changes that have to be made to the API before we can pursue this, because right now we can only get the logs for 1 service at a time unless you make multiple calls (which is silly, because we can get the logs for multiple services in the same stream on swarmkit’s side).

    After I finish those API changes, this can be done entirely on the client side, and should be really straightforward. I don’t know when the API changes will be in because I have started yet, but I can let you know as soon as I have them!

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