Is there a way to automatically activate a virtualenv as a docker entrypoint?

I have a flask app inside of a docker container. I would like to use the python package zappa to deploy that app to Amazon Web Services.

Unfortunately zappa requires that it and all of my apps dependencies be installed in a python virtual environment.

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  • So I have rebuilt my docker image and moved everything into a virtual environment in it.

    The problem is that now i can’t run commands like:

    docker exec <container> flask <sub command>

    because flask is installed in a virtual environment which has not been activated.

    I can still do this:

    host$ docker exec -it <container> bash
    container$ source venv/bin/activate
    container$ flask <sub command>

    Also, I can no longer run my default Dockerfile CMD (gunicorn) because that is also is my virtual environment.

    Does this make any more sense?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Is there a way to automatically activate a virtualenv as a docker entrypoint?”

    As an alternative to just sourcing the script inline with the command, you could make a script that acts as an ENTRYPOINT. An example would look something like:

    source venv/bin/activate
    exec "$@"

    Then in your Dockerfile you would copy this file and set it as the ENTRYPOINT:

    FROM myimage
    COPY /
    ENTRYPOINT ["/"]

    Now you can run it like docker run mynewimage flask <sub command> or docker run mynewimage gunicorn.


    docker exec <container> sh -c 'source venv/bin/activate; flask <sub command>'

    Your command can be:

    CMD sh -c 'source venv/bin/activate; gunicorn...'
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