Is it possible to super scale a dockerised selenium grid?

I am currently developing a dockerised selenium grid to run around 800 functional tests ( see my post ) and I was hoping I could launch up to 800 nodes with one hub in a single grid [inside a BIG aws instance]. The idea would be to run all my tests at the same time and finish in [let’s say] 10 minutes.

As I understand from this post that is not possible.

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  • I launched 20 nodes and my tests are only populating the 10. That is only 10 firefox instances.

    Are there restrictions built in the selenium server or the hub’s docker image?

    I was hoping that the ease of scaling dockerised services would take the selenium grid capabilities to a whole new level…

    Is the dockerised implementation of selenium grid ‘stuck’ to 10 nodes ?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Is it possible to super scale a dockerised selenium grid?”

    You should be able to run as many concurrent tests as the system can maintain. Without knowing anything about your current platform I have no idea what is limiting to just 10 nodes. In my current stack my test runner has a max fork property that limits the number of concurrent tests. You might want to look into what your test runner has set as the max number of concurrent tests. I know of no limit for selenium grid for tests it would be silly to limit it at 10.

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