Is it possible to send string into running process inside docker container?

For example i have running docker container with cat (or other process using stdin) defined in CMD Dockerfile option.

I’m trying to send string test\n into running cat (or other process).

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  • Is it possible to do this, or I need to find workaround?

    Sum up:
    I’m looking for something like
    echo 'test' | docker run -i --rm alpine command
    for running container.

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    You can pipe to stdin of the container’s process if you start the container with -i. For example;

    echo "foobar" | docker run -i --rm alpine cat

    Keep in mind, that this is done when starting the container. Your question mentioned cat, which is not a long running process, so the container will actually exit after cat completes.

    I solved it by simply pipeing stdin to docker attach, for example:

    $ docker run -i busybox sh -c "while true; do cat /dev/stdin; sleep 1; done;"

    and in another term

    $ echo test | docker attach <containerId>

    Yes as an example see

    you need to open a port, extract from the previous link

    $ docker run -d -t --name=netcat-jessie -p 8182:8182 -p 9192:9192/udp chilcano/netcat:jessie

    and now, you have some examples of communication using those ports
    send traces to open a TCP port

    $ ping | nc -v 8182

    or send traces to an UDP port

    $ ping | nc -vu 9192

    or send traces to an UDP port without netcat

    $ ping > /dev/udp/


    $ tail -f /opt/wiremock/wiremock.log | nc -vu 9192

    or send traces to a TCP port without netcat

    $ tail -f /opt/wso2esb01a/repository/logs/wso2carbon.log > /dev/tcp/

    or send traces to an UDP port without netcat

    $ tail -f /opt/wso2am02a/repository/logs/wso2carbon.log > /dev/udp/
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