Is it possible to create ipv4-enabled Docker Machine on Windows 10?

Given fresh Windows 10 pro installed and latest 1.13.1 (10072) “Docker for Windows”, if I create a new machine via:

docker-machine create --driver hyperv node1

The machine will have only ipv6 address attached to it. Simple commands like docker ssh node1 will work, but if I try something advanced like “docker swarm” it will fail:

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  • $ docker-machine ls
    NAME    ACTIVE   DRIVER   STATE     URL                                     SWARM   DOCKER    ERRORS
    node1   -        hyperv   Running   tcp://[fe80::215:5dff:fe0f:ae10]:2376           v1.13.1

    Is it any way to create and IPv4 docker machine, or it’s not intended to be used on Windows boxes?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Is it possible to create ipv4-enabled Docker Machine on Windows 10?”

    It is possible. You have to use external network switch.

    To create external network switch open hyper-v manager and then open virtual switch manager.

    Related docker documentation

    Finally create node with this command (Primary Virtual Switch is the name of the external virtual switch):

    docker-machine create –driver hyperv –hyperv-virtual-switch “Primary
    Virtual Switch” node1

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