Is it possible to assign a static public ip to a Docker Container?

I have been trying to assign one of my five public ip’s to my docker container. It seems like this should be possible because of the nature of docker and its uses. I found this website that I think explains what I want to do but it no longer works since Docker went away from LXC:

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  • I have tried making a static NAT connection with the ip that my container was using but that didn’t work. The docker IP does not show up in my routers page, only the host computers ip.

    My questions are:

    Is it possible to assign a static public ip to a docker container, and if so how?


    Is it possible to make a docker IP appear in my router config page, and if so how?


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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “Is it possible to assign a static public ip to a Docker Container?”

    Docker 1.10 will allow you to specify a static IP-address for a container
    for each network it’s connected to.

    (Note that, for backward compatibility, this feature is only supported for custom networks, and only if a subnet is specified)

    For example;

    docker network create -d bridge --subnet mynet
    docker run -d --net=mynet --ip= nginx

    For more information see the documentation pull request

    Possible Solution but I can’t test it right now. Please let me know if this is incorrect.

    Make virtual network interface with macvlan:



    ip link add dev macvlan0 link eth0 type macvlan #macvlan0 being the name of the v-card (lol)

    Connect container to virtual network interface with pipework:



    pipework macvlan0 $($containerid) dhcp

    The only way I know of to have a docker container use a static ip is using pipework.

    Assuming you mean acquiring a DHCP lease and showing up on your router page — Nothing comes to mind with docker. I don’t think that is “the docker way”. It’s pretty simple with nspawn if you are using a systemd based distro, FWIW.

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