Invoke Docker Remote API using Java

I’m able to query a Docker host using Remote API as:

curl https://<IP>:2376/images/json --cert cert.p12 --pass mypass --key key.pem --cacert ca.pem

Can anybody help on how to transform this curl REST invocation to any Java library code?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Invoke Docker Remote API using Java”

    Check if the docker-java project can help here.

    From one of the test classes:

        Volume volume1 = new Volume("/opt/webapp1");
        Volume volume2 = new Volume("/opt/webapp2");
        CreateContainerResponse container = dockerClient.createContainerCmd("busybox").withVolumes(volume1, volume2)
                .withCmd("true").withBinds(new Bind("/src/webapp1", volume1, ro), new Bind("/src/webapp2", volume2))

    The Wiki mentions certificates:

    DockerClient dockerClient = DockerClientBuilder.getInstance("http://localhost:2375").build();
    // Or: Intialize docker client (advanced)
    DockerClientConfig config = DockerClientConfig.createDefaultConfigBuilder()

    As mentioned in your issue 483, you either:

    • need to use maven and take advantage of the pom.xml dependencies,
    • or use a mvn dependency:list -DincludeScope=runtime to get the list of all runtime dependencies.
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