Installing postgre driver in php7-fpm Docker container

I’ve installed PHP:latest Docker container using the docker-compose command. It installed php-7.1.6-fpm in my Docker. When I tried to install php7-pgsql extension it failed to find that package, instead found pdo and pdo_pgsql packages. That will not satisfy my need. When I search for the available packages in the installed PHP container, I could not find any related pgsql packages for php7, instead, I saw php5-pgsql package, that will not work with php7-fpm.

Finally, I installed php-5.6-fpm container after removing the old one targeting to use php5-pgsql package. But now I disappointed again that I could not find php5-pgsql package in the newly installed container.

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  • I know I’ll be missing some important points. Whether Alpine Linux does not have php-pgsql extension. What are the possible ways to include this extension in my PHP container. I’ve also included Nginx and Postgres in my docker-compose.yml

    I’ve only 3-day theory knowledge in Docker and first-day practical experience.

    Thanks for reading.

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