Install Ambari based on docker on multiple hosts

I have three servers and I want to set up Ambari. Unfortunately I have CentOS7 which currently isn’t supported by Ambari. So I decided to use docker to overcome the OS dependency. I have found various docker-based Ambari version like this and this. The second one seems to be really good and easy to install on one host creating a pseudo-cluster, but I failed to install it on different hosts. I followed the described steps one by one trying to adjust them to the fact that I am not one the same host but when I try to assign a new host I get an error that the hostname is not valid.

For the first solution on the other hand, I can’t understand the following. How can I make the containers on each host be aware of each other? Because Ambari needs every host to can ssh each other without password.

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  • Excuse me in advance for my lack of expertise in this domain. Any comment would be very useful.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Install Ambari based on docker on multiple hosts”

    Ambari 2.2+ can be installed successfully and works fine on CentOS 7. Then you can install HDP 2.0+.
    The links in your question try to install 1.6 and 1.7.

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