Initialize docker volume ony once

I would like to initialize a docker volume only after it has been created, not each time a container is created or built.

For example lets say I want to store the content of a database in the volume. At the creation of the volume I would like to create the database schema, but once this schema exists I don’t want to create it again since it could cause some unwanted side effects.

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  • Right now one of the solution I see is to create a flag in the volume once it has been initialized and in later calls check if this flag exists before performing the initialization.

    I just wanted to know if docker has a native way of achieving it.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Initialize docker volume ony once”

    Create your own custom image that gets built with database schema created with database’s data directory stored into a docker volume. Later on use that image to create/run containers.

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