influxDB and cadvisor integration issue

I want to access to the gathered data from cadvisor through influxdb
here my docker configurations:

//for cadvisor
docker run     

//for InfluxDB
docker run 
-p 8083:8083 
-p 8086:8086 
--expose 8090 
--expose 8099 
//and I created manually the databse through the WEB UI on localhost:8083   
with the name databaseName`

So once I start the two containers, I go to the influxDB to explore data (by making a query). An error says that there is no data

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    Everything in the configuration looks fine. The problem is probably in this line:


    because is refering to cadvisor container localhost and not your localhost. Try to put instead docker Nat ip (usually

    This is what I use in my “docker-compose” YAML file. Should be very easy to translate to the usual “docker run” syntax. In my case I’m linking the InfluxDB container in cAdvisor, so cAdvisor knows how to resolve the hostname “influxdb” regardless of the internal Docker IP assigned to the container.

      image: tutum/influxdb
      hostname: influxdb
        - ./influxdb:/data
        - PRE_CREATE_DB=cadvisor
        - "8083:8083"
        - "8086:8086"
        - "8090"
        - "8099"
      image: google/cadvisor
      hostname: cadvisor
        - /:/rootfs:ro
        - /var/run:/var/run:rw
        - /sys:/sys:ro
        - /var/lib/docker:/var/lib/docker:ro
        - "8089:8080"
        - influxdb
      command: -storage_driver_db=cadvisor -storage_driver_host=influxdb:8086
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