In Dockerfile how to copy file from network drive

I have a file hosted (can’t change that) at //somenetwork/somefiles/myfile

In my Dockerfile I would like to:

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  • COPY //somenetwork/somefiles/myfile /opt/files/file

    Is there anyway to achieve that with Dockerfile?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “In Dockerfile how to copy file from network drive”

    Not easily, considering ADD or COPY uses the Dockerfile context (the current folder or below) to seek their resources.

    It would be easier to cp that file first to the Dockerfile folder (before a docker build .), and leave in said Dockerfile a COPY myfile /opt/files/file directive.

    Or you could run the container, and use a docker cp //somenetwork/somefiles/myfile /opt/files/file to add that file at rintime

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