Import osm data in Docker postgresql

i am trying to use Docker. So i installed in Docker postgresql image.

Until now, when i imported osm data into postql i used this command:
psql -U postgres mydb

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    osm2pgsql -U postgres -d mydb -s -S ./osm_stylesheet /home/ramnikov/Downloads/hessen-latest.osm

    How can i do the same inside Docker after this command

    $ sudo docker exec -it postgresql sudo -u postgres psql

    or before this command ?



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  • One Solution collect form web for “Import osm data in Docker postgresql”

    You can execute osm2pgsql outside of Docker:

    -H|–host Database server host name or socket location.

    As well as psql:

    -h, –host=HOSTNAME database server host or socket directory

    Like this:

    psql -h dockerIP -U postgres -d mydb -c 'create extension postgis'
    osm2pgsql -H dockerIP -U postgres -d mydb -s -S ./osm_stylesheet /home/ramnikov/Downloads/hessen-latest.osm
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