I can't get Docker containers to access the internet?

I’m my wits end with this, I’ve combed every single google result and nothing helps.

I’m completely unable to get docker containers to access the internet. IP forwarding is enabled (net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1), ufw is turned off, I’ve tried adding the -dns -dns flags. Every possible solution I’ve ever found on google fails.

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  • Anyone have any idea how to help?

    Attempting to reset everything, as recommend here causes the entire thing to break by telling me that docker -d isn’t running even though it is.

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    I was facing the same problem. So, to solve that issue I’ve started the container using the argument --net=host, it worked perfectly for me.

    Here goes the full statement

    sudo docker start --net=host -it --name ex_ngninx ubuntu

    Resolved. I followed the instructions in https://github.com/dotcloud/docker/issues/1809: commented out dns=dnsmasq line in NetworkManager.conf

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