Howto link a prestashop docker to an existing mysql server

I’m using the following Prestashop docker:

It so happens that I already have a mysql server running on the host, because that was included with the whole DirectAdmin panel.

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    How can a Docker container reach the host:3306 mysql server?

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    If I understand correctly, you have your Prestashop installation inside a container and MySQL server running on the Docker host?

    Unless configured differently, both the container and the host are in the same bridge network.

    Verify that your container is in the bridge network:

    docker inspect <container-name>
            "Networks": {
                "bridge": {
                    "Gateway": "",
                    "IPAddress": "",

    Notice the gateway IP address – this is the address of the docker host inside the bridge network. Use it as a DB_SERVER variable to connect to the MySQL.

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