How to use yml file generated by anisible-container

I have been working on the use of ansible-container
I created the following setup

  • An ec2 instance with the latests versions of python, pip, docker, docker-compose, ansible, and ansible-container (call this Machine A)
  • On this instance, I downloaded and installed the bleeding edge version of ansible-container from github using pip -e to install to use a local repo
  • I then cloned my ansible-container project to that instance
  • I was able to run ansible-container build, run, push and deploy without errors
  • This resulted in built images on my company’s private docker repo + a yml script generated by the ansible-container deploy command
  • I have not included any log or scripts because all of this worked, but I can supply if needed

Now I would like to deploy those images as container onto another machine (call this Machine B), but the documentation is unclear on the the steps to follow. Should I

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      ansible-playbook on Machine A or Machine B
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      I have read and re-read the ansible-container documentation, but the final implementation is unclear. Again, I can supply any scripts, but there are no errors, I am just trying to figure out the next steps to execute.

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