How to use run deck service from local browser using up address?

I have installed rundeck in docker using ec2 instance.
When I run the image and start rundeck. It’s fine.

Lynx http:localhost:4440

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  • Us able to show rundeck dashboard.

    But, how can I access this rundeck from Windows browser?

    I tried using address but connection refused.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to use run deck service from local browser using up address?”

    In order to access this from outside for your setup, you might have to ensure the following things:

    1. Ensure that host server (ec2) is forwarding ports to the docker container. You should have used -p or -ports when launching the container for this.
      Test: From your EC2 instance, you should be able to access: http://localhost:4440

    2. Ensure you have a public IP assigned to your EC2. You should be able to see that from your aws ec2 console:

    3. Ensure that your security group(s) for that instance has InBound connections to accept 4440 from your IP or rest of the world.

    After this, your http://:4440 should work.
    I hope I got your question correct.

    Let me know how it goes,


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