How to use host network while linking to a container?

In my docker-compose:

    image: trackware
        - postgis:postgis
        - "80:80"
        - "3306:3306"
        - "443:443"
        - "220:22"
        - "8000:8000"
    net: "host"
    restart:  always
        - C:/H/repositories/pubnub:/share
    container_name: laravel

    image: mdillon/postgis
    env_file: .postgis_env
        - "9090:9000"
        - "54320:5432"
    container_name: postgis

if I run docker-compose up -d I get this error:

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    So, how would I use net: "host" while linking to postgis container?
    laravel container needs to run pubnub client, which will need high-performance networking for real time messages handling, and also it needs to link to postgis container to access db.

    So, any advice? I am using docker 1.10.2

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    Since you expose postgis ports to host, you can skip linking and connect to it trough localhost:9000. I believe this will work since laravel application resides in host network and they will share those ports.

    I dunno reason but… You shouldn’t use “host” driver and port mapping, at least you wouldn’t get expected result. In case like this “220:22” you’ll get 22 port mapped to the host machine.

    “Net” is outdated as far as I know, use “network_mode” instead.
    Also I would recommend you to update docker-compose to the latest version, now is 1.6.2. Previous versions had some networking problems.

    May be you can use “bridge” driver? In your case, I can’t see problems which it couldn’t resolve.

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