How to use `docker-machine create` so that the docker engine listens on a custom port?

My service provider does not allow me to connect to docker on port 2376. Is there a flag for docker-machine to set up docker on host to listen on another port but 2376 so that commands like

docker-machine ls
docker-machine env

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  • work? Now they fail because after creation of docker on the host the daemon starts on port 2376 which is not accessible. Sure, I could manually change that port after creation but then the mentioned commands are not aware to connect to the docker daemon on that host on another port but 2376.

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    Is there a flag for docker-machine to set up docker on host to listen on another port but 2376

    yes, use the -H or --host option of the docker daemon command. To make your Docker daemon listen on port 443 (which should be open all most firewalls), start your docker daemon with:

    docker daemon -H tcp://

    If your docker host operating system is Debian or Ubuntu, you can set this in the /etc/default/docker file by adding the line DOCKER_OPTS="-H tcp://".

    If you are using RedHat or CentOS, add OPTIONS=-H tcp:// to the /etc/sysconfig/docker file.

    Using docker-machine

    To install a Docker engine with a custom --host option, you would use docker machine with the --engine-opt option:

    docker-machine create --engine-opt host=tcp:// ...

    Then when you use docker-machine env ... you will note that the DOCKER_HOST environment variable will still be set with the default port 2376, but now you can override it with 443 and it will work.

    Unfortunately this won’t allow docker-machine ls to work as the 2376 value for the docker engine port is hardcoded in docker-machine drivers. If you really want to get docker-machine ls to work for a different port, the easiest way would be to duplicate one of the docker-machine driver source file that you use and hardcode a different port ; then compile a new docker-machine binary with your new driver.

    Let’s say the IP address of the remote server is

    # create the docker engine using the generic Machine driver
    docker-machine create --engine-opt host=tcp:// --driver=generic --generic-ip-address= mytestengine
    # prepare the environments so that docker client can connect on port 443
    docker-machine env mytestengine
    export DOCKER_HOST=tcp://
    # use docker client as usual
    docker version
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