How to uninstall Docker Machine under Windows 10

I didn’t found any solution to remove Docker Machine from my Windows 10 Edu, but documentation for Docker Machine on Windows is very rare.

I’m a newbie on Powershell so maybe there is a simple command that I didn’t found…

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to uninstall Docker Machine under Windows 10”

    Yeah … if Docker was installed through a normal process then it should appear in your Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features and should allow you to uninstall it.

    If you were the user to install it, then you should be able to uninstall it, otherwise you might need administrator access to do it.

    EDIT Okay so if you want to remove the image itself, first run “docker images” and then “docker rmi [image_id]”.

    If you want to remove the container first run “docker ps -a” to get a list of running containers. If your container is in the list run “docker stop [container_id]”. If your container is stopped or not running than run “docker rm [container_id]”.

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