How to tell a docker container that is deployed to a random machine in a cluster to use DNS on its own host?

Consider the following configuration:

// Create a swarm cluster
docker-machine create -d virtualbox --swarm --swarm-master node1
docker-machine create -d virtualbox --swarm node2

// Setup shell environment to talk to the swarm cluster
eval $(docker-machine env --swarm node1)

// Run a DNS server on each swarm machine
docker run -d -p "" --env "constraint:node==node1" my-dns-server-image
docker run -d -p "" --env "constraint:node==node2" my-dns-server-image

// Run a custom service, deployed to a random node in the swarm
docker run -d my-custom-service

How do I tell my custom service to use the DNS server that is running on its own host?

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    I’m aware that I could modify the my-custom-service image to execute some shell commands to get its gateway and add a line to /etc/resolv.conf at runtime, but I’m trying to do this without having to modify the my-custom-service image. It is completely acceptable for me to modify the my-dns-server-image, though.

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