how to sync mac local directory with native docker container?

i am using native docker for mac and i have a small application running with docker container .

currently i am manually copying the data from my mac to docker container using docker cp command.

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  • i want to make it dynamic, i want to put the data in my local directory which should get sync with docker container .


    mac local dir : users/vishnu/data/

    which should get sync to


    the container is already running ,i should not release the running container . i can only stop and start . is there a way ?? Thanks in advance

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  • One Solution collect form web for “how to sync mac local directory with native docker container?”

    host mounted volume.

    when you docker run you add a -v /Users/vishnu/data:/opt/deploy parameters.

    if you need to add a mounted volume to your existing container, use the Kitematic UI. it’s easier that way. but in general, you should add this when you docker run.

    also, FYI – the idea that you can’t delete a container is an anti-pattern with Docker. if you can’t delete your container, because it would cause too many problems, you’re doing something wrong.

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