how to split string to array and loop over it?

I have a string variable like this RCD_APIS=backend,api-alerting,api-tracking,api-versioning that contains the name of my docker images. I need to split it into an array and loop over it so I can pull each docker image

I have tried the with_sequence loop but i get just the index (1,2,3,..)

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  • - name: pull images from registry
        name: "hostname:5000/{{ RCD_APIS.split(',') }}"
        pull: true
        state: present
        tag: "{{RCD_VERSION_CURRENT}}"
      with_sequence: count={{ RCD_APIS|count }}

    I also tried with_item loop but it doesn’t work so i tried to debug :

        - container: "{{ RCD_APIS }}"
        - name: pull images from registry debug
          debug: var={{item|basename}}
          with_items: container.split(',')

    i get something like:

    (item=container.split(',')) => {
             "container.split(',')": [
         "item": "container.split(',')"

    so how can i loop over that array (like a foreach) and do the docker pull backend, docker pull api-alerting… ?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “how to split string to array and loop over it?”

    Here you go:

    - name: pull images from registry
        name: hostname:5000/{{ item }}
        pull: true
        state: present
        tag: "{{RCD_VERSION_CURRENT}}"
      with_items: "{{ RCD_APIS.split(',') }}"
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