How to specify docker image's DNS?

Now I have a lot of docker containers running on my host machine, and inside the containers, dns-look-up is very slow. So I want to change the containers’ DNS.

I’ve known two possible ways:

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  • 1) use command-line argument ‘-dns’
    2) modify /etc/default/docker -> DOCKER_OPTS and restart docker daemon

    The above two ways force me to either change my docker run command, or restart daemon which will stop all currently running containers. I cannot accept these.

    So, is there any way else to change a docker image’s DNS? (re-run an image is acceptable)

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to specify docker image's DNS?”

    You can write to /etc/resolv.conf inside a container. Perhaps EXEC a script that does that and then runs the real program.

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