How to share Mac screen to Linux docker container?

I want to run odesk time tracker (a Qt4 app) which captures your screen and keystrokes for freelance work logging. But I don’t trust it and want to sandbox it.

On Linux, there are ways to run GUI items on docker container and forward X11 to Linux host. Can I do this on mac? The app will run on Linux container and will be displayed on Mac with capturing screen/keystroke.

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  • I think VNC method would display the linux host, not the mac. If linux connects mac, I have to install the software on mac. I don’t know if I can do X11 forwarding.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to share Mac screen to Linux docker container?”

    You need to have XQuartz installed on your Mac. You can get it here –

    Once you installed it, follow this procedure –

    1. Run X11 application (included with XQuartz)
    2. Open X11 Preferences and make sure “Allow connections…” is checked
      X11 Preferences
    3. Restart X11 application
    4. Open a terminal
    5. ssh to your docker with X11 forwarding: ssh -X YOUR_DOCKER_IP

    From now on, any GUI application that you run on your docker will show up on your Mac.

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