How to set up WebStorm with Docker debug configurations?

This is linked to this issue.

I have trouble using Docker Deployment Plugin of WebStorm. This Q&A would be a good reference for someone wanting to quickly set up the relationship between Docker and WebStorm which I find cryptic in the manual.

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  • After clicking Add deployment config / Docker Deployment I am left with some settings to make.

    You can access it in Settings / Build, Execution, Deployment / Docker

    Using the default config, the certificates folder C:\Users\Admin\.docker\machine\machines\default is missing: in effect nothing is shown under the machines folder.

    Changing the path to C:\Users\Admin\.docker\machine\certs gives me “cannot connect/timed out/no further information”

    Where can I find my docker certificates? (Docker for Windows v 1.13.0)

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