How to set run arguments when using Ansible to deploy docker?

When using ansible to deploy docker, how do you set the ARGs? That’s the ARGs in the following docker command

docker create  --name my_container my_image ARGS

I tried to set the ARGS in the docker: command variable but it wasn’t picked up.
What’s the correct way to set the run ARGS? Here is what I tried

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  • - name: deploy docker image
      sudo: yes
        image: "{{ docker_image_name }}:{{ docker_image_version }}"
        state: reloaded
        name: "{{ docker_container_name }}"
        command: "{{ docker_args }}"

    in my group vars I have something like


    my docker file has an entry point

    ENTRYPOINT ["bin/my_application"]

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to set run arguments when using Ansible to deploy docker?”

    You could simply use the shell module.

    We tried using the docker and docker_image modules a while back, and ran into issues. Docker has been moving so quickly that we simply fell back to using the shell module.

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