How to set no-ack for RabbitMQ with docker?

I’m using docker-compose and I have a RabbitMQ container that acts as a federation. It was and still is connected to the federation upstreams and handled requests nicely until it got stuck because of the default Prefetch that is set to 10 on it’s virtual hosts:

enter image description here

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  • The federation upstreams are configured with no-ack but still it still seems that the virtual hosts has this set to 10 for each channel by default?

    How do I set docker to either set the Prefetch for something huge or set it without a limit?.

    This is the docker configuration of the RabbitMQ:

    version: '2.0'
        image: ubuntu
          - box:/box
        image: redis:3.0
        image: rabbitmq:3-management
          - ${DATA}/rabbitmq:/var/lib/rabbitmq
          - "15672:15672"
          - "5672:5672"

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