How to set docker run arguments on marathon spec

I have been using docker to run images along with some options like:

docker run --net host --oom-kill-disable -d -p <port>:<port> image

How do I set values like –oom-kill-disable on marathon?

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    I’m not quite sure if you can pass an empty value in this case, but you could go with something like this:

    "container": {
        "type": "DOCKER",
        "docker": {
            "network": "HOST",
            "image": "your/image",
            "parameters": [
                { "key": "oom-kill-disable", "value": "" }

    You may read a little bit more here in “Privileged Mode and Arbitrary Docker Options” section.

    It is required for docker containers in their marathon spec to specify a boolean value for oom-kill-disable flag for executor to run properly.

    So the spec would include:

    "parameters": [
                { "key": "oom-kill-disable", "value": "true" }
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