How to send files as arguments of docker commands?

I’m not sure that I’m trying to do it the right way, but I would like to use as a way to package some programs that need to be run from the host.

However these applications take filenames as arguments and need to have at least read access. Some other applications generate files as output and the user expects to retrieve those files.

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    Start Docker with a mounted volume and use this to directory to manipulate files.


    If you have apps that require args when they’re run then you can just inject your parameters as environment variables when you run your docker container


    docker run -e ENV_TO_INJECT=my_value .....

    Then in your entrypoint (or cmd) make sure you just run a shell script

    e.g. (in Dockerfile)


    Then in your file that gets run at container launch you can just access the environment variables



    Would that work for you?

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