How to run HDFS cluster without DNS

I’m building a local HDFS dev environment (actually hadoop + mesos + zk + kafka) to ease development of Spark jobs and facilitate local integrated testing.
All other components are working fine but I’m having issues with HDFS. When the Data Node tries to connect to the name node, I get a DisallowedDataNodeException:

org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.server.protocol.DisallowedDatanodeException: Datanode denied communication with namenode

Most questions related to the same issue boil down to name resolution of the data node at the name node either static through the etc/hosts files or using dns. Static resolution is not an option with docker, as I don’t know the data nodes when the name node container is created. I would like to avoid creating and maintaining an additional DNS service. Ideally, I would like to wire everything using the --link feature of docker.

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    I found this property and set to false, but it didn’t do the trick:

    dfs.namenode.datanode.registration.ip-hostname-check (default: true)

    Is there a way to have a multi-node local HDFS cluster working only using IP addresses and without using DNS?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to run HDFS cluster without DNS”

    I would look at reconfiguring your Docker image to use a different hosts file [1]. In particular:

    1. In the Dockerfile(s), do the switch-a-roo [1]
    2. Bring up the master node
    3. Bring up the data nodes, linked
    4. Before starting the datanode, copy over the /etc/hosts to the new location, /tmp/hosts
    5. Append the master node’s name and master node ip to the new hosts file

    Hope this works for you!


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